Hallween 2015 Pinterest Board

Monday, August 24, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

For every event I create a board on Pinterest where I gather all the refrences, insparation and tutorials I can find.

As its easy to see I love using Pinterest. I use it for everything and I have made pleanty of boards over the years. I have posted this direct link to the Halloween 2015 board so you can easily see where I am getting the insparation for posts and tutorials, as well as the original links that I used (Without having to figure out which of my many boards the pins a located on. Seriously I have 7 boards with the word Halloween in it. I like my stuff to be organised :).
Below is a direct link to my Halloween 2015 Board.

Follow Jinx's board Halloween 2015 on Pinterest.

I also have a seperate board for food, drinks and snacks. Be warned alot of the drinks have alcohol in them, so don't make these ones for the kids. The ones that do will have '(alcoholic)' written at the begining of the comments.