Flying Bats

Monday, August 24, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

I created these flying bat decorations for Halloween last year, But they still look great. 

I originally got the idea for this decoration from Marvelous You can read her tutorial here.


  • A4 Black Card
  •  Masking Tape

I have created a bat silhouette that you can use as a template. You can download the template here.

Print off the template and cut it out.  

Trace around the template onto a black piece of card. You can easily fit two bat silhouettes on one piece of A4 card.

(Picture of Template traced on to teh black card here)

Now cut out around the outline. To make sure that the bats wings are the same shape on both sides you can fold the card and template in half, line the folded edge of the template up to the folded edge of the card, trace and cut out the outline. 

Once you have cut out the bat silhouette simply fold some masking tape over itself and stick it on the back and stick to the wall.

And you’re done! Create as many as you want and arrange them as you like.